by Pllush

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Without any words from you, what else did you expect to do? I'd defend you through and through, as if I had anything left to prove. After all that I've seen, I know I have to unlove you. I got tired of feeling out of touch, I never felt a part of you. Now I'm just sick when I think of you, treated my bed like it was a tomb. Wake up sick when I dream of you putting me down like you had the right to.
Pick me up, glue my arms back on, Cut me off cause I’ve grown too long Love me right, love me less, it’s fine But please don’t let me go Something about the way I am, Something you don’t quite understand Got so drunk in the August sun But empty is what I’m running from Tell me off, see me less, it’s fine But please don’t let me go Tell me off, see me less, I’m fine.
Go2Bed 02:52
How could I not know you're in there? Tossing, turning there beside me. Weightless, holding on for dear life. Wake me when we are done. Do I ever cross your mind when you're in the dark at night? Things you say to me sound right. Come and play with me. With you, I'd never start a fight. With you, I'd never sleep inside. How could I not know you're in there? In dreams, you're always there beside me. I open up when I feel you; come and stay with me.
Sheer Power 03:13
Don't let me out of here - I've got room to breathe. You relish in my fear with hands around my neck, 'cuz I know what I want. It only lasted a moment - I pray I find it again. I'm on my hands and knees begging - I'll crawl to you just say when, so we can carry on. Haven't I told you, you should wait, 'cuz shortcuts make for long delays. Untangle my body like thread in a loom. Take me hastily or write it off - right now it's none or all. I have the sheer power of knowing I still haunt you when I'm gone.
Fixes 02:28
I don’t wanna lie with you or lay with you, not anymore I don’t wanna hold your head up, let you in, or care for your bedsores I don’t wanna look at you or see your picture on the wall I don’t wanna be the girl who can’t wake up and walk to the store And I can’t be okay When taking names is All I’ve got to give And I can’t be the one To preach to you to Fight and not give in You can’t speak, but I’m still listening You can’t recall just what you’re missing I don’t wanna lie I don’t wanna lie And I can’t be okay When taking names is All I’ve got to give And I can’t be the one To preach to you to Fight and not give in But at 5 am when silence hits and wells have all run dry I’ll say "baby blue just walk away" There’s no fixes left to try


An exciting new sound grips the Bay Area’s music scene as Pllush pushes the bounds of genre and style. Pllush is a four-piece originating from San Francisco, with members of local SF legends The She’s. While their debut LP, Pine, is a beautiful combination of surf-rock and shoegaze, their auspicious new release, Please, encapsulates a completely different tone, both sonically and lyrically. Lush and warm, it has cinematic quality which suggests, somehow, that each track takes place in a different climate. With the angular and ethereal falsetto of Karli Helm contrasted by the hypnotic and unwavering voice of Eva Treadway, Please echoes a melancholic honesty that captures the album’s heart-breaking, yet insightful versatility, deriving from both Wowee Zowee era Pavement and Painful era Yo La Tengo.

Sonically, the album embraces twinkling guitar tones that are blitzed with spurts of grainy fuzz, flaringly precise and graceful drums, as well as complimentary bass riffs that swirl and swoon each track, working in unison to pin-point these heart-wrenching emotions with clarity and catharsis. After sharing the stage with bands such as Ceremony, All Dogs, Ducktails, Sales and Creative Adult, they have proven their ability to blend seamlessly into wherever they land.


released April 29, 2016

Recorded in November 2015 by Grace Coleman and Patrick Brown at Different Fur Studios.
Mixed by Sean Paulson at Different Fur Studios.
Mastered by Patrick Haight at Spot-On Sound.
Guest Vocals on Sheer Power and Go2Bed by Kristina Esfandiari.


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